Welcome to EarthyPup!

It all started with Sir Charlie Chewbacca, aka Chewy, an adorable border terrier mix rescue. Chewy can tear apart a toy in less than 3 minutes and get bored. Chewy’s Mom, Anjelica, would pick up the toy filler and squeaker and think: What a waste! What if there’s a way to reduce Chewy’s paw print?

Well, we took Anjelica’s idea and ran with it! After all, anything is paw-sible when you have a dog.

Vision for the future: a sustainable planet

At EarthyPup our highest value is sustainability. We look forward to supporting manufacturers that build their supply chain using sustainable materials and follow eco-friendly practices. We believe there is no small act when it comes to helping make the world more sustainable. Everyone can use their buying power to make eco-friendly purchases. Why not let our pups wear our values?

What makes us an eco -friendly choice?


We select products and packaging made from materials that have been recycled, or that otherwise would have been discarded.


Our items are built to withstand playtime and chewtime – sending fewer toys to the landfill over the lifetime of your pup.


Locally made products do not have to be shipped around the globe, leaving your pup with a lighter ecological pawprint.