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Prepare your dog for the 4th of July

Most dogs learn to live with us and they get used to the most sudden or cheering noises that we make when we are celebrating a life event or Holiday. Fireworks and firecrackers sounds, however, are something that they simply don’t understand and can’t get used to. Check out this post to find out ways to prepare yourself and your pup for the celebrations.

The Benefits of CBD for Dogs

Did you know treatments aimed at pain management, appetite improvement, reducing fear and anxiety, can now get a better boost with the help of CBD? Many dogs can benefit from CBD including dogs that suffer from anxiety, that are recovering from an illness, or have chronic illnesses. CBD in the form of oil or cookies can be a great way to increase your dog’s quality of life.  What is CBD? Cannabidiol (CBD) is an extract […]

COVID-19 and Dogs

The entire nature, together with people and animals, learn to adapt in order to thrive in the constant new conditions of a fast-developing world. Viruses and bacteria responsible for outbreaks are also in a continuous adaptation process. Often, when pet owners learn that their pet is suffering from an infectious illness, they fear that the disease might be contagious for humans. While some bacterial or viral infections can indeed affect both humans and animals, some […]

Plant-Powered Pup Treats

Dogs are big foodies by nature and they will always enjoy and savor their daily treats and chew bones. Most dogs love variety in their diet, and what a lot of people don’t know if that dogs can eat and LOVE certain veggies and fruits. If you haven’t already, considered treating your pup with some healthy plant-based treats, biscuits and breath bones. What makes fruit and veggie-based treats a healthy choice for your dog? 1. […]

Minty Dog Kisses

How do you know if your pup has dental problems? A bad-smelling breath would be the first indication. Depending on how severe the dental issues are, your pup might also have difficulties when eating, especially dry food, bleeding gums, refusal to play with chew toys and excessive salivation. Most of these signs appear as a consequence of pain, which is aggravated by chewing and by possible infections. Regular veterinary checkups and teeth examinations are the […]