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Plant-Powered Pup Treats

Dogs are big foodies by nature and they will always enjoy and savor their daily treats and chew bones. Most dogs love variety in their diet, and what a lot of people don’t know if that dogs can eat and LOVE certain veggies and fruits. If you haven’t already, considered treating your pup with some healthy plant-based treats, biscuits and breath bones. What makes fruit and veggie-based treats a healthy choice for your dog? 1. […]

Minty Dog Kisses

How do you know if your pup has dental problems? A bad-smelling breath would be the first indication. Depending on how severe the dental issues are, your pup might also have difficulties when eating, especially dry food, bleeding gums, refusal to play with chew toys and excessive salivation. Most of these signs appear as a consequence of pain, which is aggravated by chewing and by possible infections. Regular veterinary checkups and teeth examinations are the […]