Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in each pack?

Each pack will include 5 eco-friendly, locally sourced dog products. All packs will include 1 bag of treats and 4-5 additional products that are selected based on your pup’s profile.
The products will rotate each month so your pup will never get bored! The products we select for your packs are personalized to your pup’s need. Each month we’ll ask for your feedback and make sure that we provide you with items your pup will love.

Are all products safe for my pup?

Each pup has individual needs and sensitive digestive systems. It is best to inquire with your personal vet about products that your pup should or should not eat, play with, or use. PupPack does review products for safety and tests each product for quality.
All treats, chews and toys are sourced from the USA.

My pup has allergies! Can I still sign up?

Yes! Your pup’s health is our #1 concern, and we know that allergies are fur-real! Our boxes take into account any food allergies you’ve indicated in our profile process. If the allergy you’re looking for is not in the list of common allergies we’ve noted, please add a few notes or e-mail us at so our team is aware of your pup’s specific needs.

I love my PupPack and have friends who would also love them, how do I refer my friend?

 Referring a fur-riend is the best way to spread the joy and movement towards sustainability.  You can use this link to share your friends e-mail:  Your friends will receive an additional $20 off of their first multi-month subscription. You will ALSO get a $20 credit you can use in the EarthPup store. Make sure they use your link and complete their purchase. Please do note that the referral program is intended for friends in a different household that are new to EarthyPup!

Can I cancel my subscription before it ends?

We understand that something may come up before the end of your subscription. We will honor a cancelation request submitted 7 days before the next billing cycle. Please note there’s a  cancelation fee for all early cancellations.