Going Local

When we do our routine shopping, we rarely think about the origin of the product that we buy. We make our purchasing decision based on the price, or we can get convinced by the packaging. Can we get convinced to purchase based on where the products are made?

Buying local products should be on our priority list and here are five good reasons that you could benefit from going local.

1. It’s the Eco-friendly Option

Products manufactured and sold locally don’t require long-distance shipping, thus reducing pollution resulting from heavy-duty trucks used for merchandise transportation. Vehicles used to transport foods and goods that we buy on a daily basis create a significant impact in society. Buying directly from the producer reduces the need to create such  will benefit both the environment and you.

2. Generate more Jobs in your Community

In most situations, local producers will buy local raw materials. This process can only mean that small businesses will consistently sustain each other and will help one another grow and prosper. Thus, if you buy local products, you will help the regional market growth, which in turn will always generate jobs for people in the community.

3. Receive High-quality Services and Products

Local workers and producers will know the customer’s needs better than any other big company. Because they rely on a much smaller number of clients, small producers will always consider client feedback, will always try to satisfy your requirements and will be kinder.

4. Support Local Non-profit Organizations

Because local producers will always know the needs and requirements of their community, as a sign of gratitude, they always give back by donating a part of their profit to non-profit organizations. A lot of the producers choose to donate to animal shelters, helping in this way for the payment of their medical needs, for food and finding forever homes for the least fortunate cats and dogs. Other businesses choose to donate to organizations that provide services for people in need, for the environment, for marine animals, etc.. Whatever service they give to, without a doubt, they have a significant contribution to building a stronger and more stable society.

5. Stimulate Economic Growth

When you buy local products, you contribute directly to the economic growth of your area because a big part of the taxes and fees return to the local budget and will further get reinvested in the place where you live. Furthermore, a growing market place will always encourage local entrepreneurs to invest in local businesses, thus contributing even more to the community growth.

So the answer is an absolute yes! You can benefit from buying locally, and these are only a few reasons why you should support small businesses. Our surroundings and daily routine activity, even something like buying groceries and other necessary products can have a significant effect on our life. By supporting local producers, you contribute directly to the development and independence of your community, thus enhancing the feeling of being home and comfortable in the place where you live.

EarthyPup Supports Local Business

On this end, EarthyPup partners with USA made brands so items do not have to be shipped around the globe, which lightens a dog’s ecological pawprint. 

We especially love partnering with brands that are investing and innovating further in the eco-dog space. By supporting these brands, we believe we can drum up the momentum needed to change the pet industry. 
As we discover and partner with brands across each state, we hope to reduce the distance between you and the person that hand stitches Fido’s toy. If you know of a brand you think we should partner with, drop us a message at: woof@earthypup.com.

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